Austin Groove

Austin Groove

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Allow me to introduce…myself! Hi, my name is Austin and I’m shiny. I’m groovy, baby yeah! I’m shagadelic, baby. I’m switched on. I’m smashing. And look at YOU! OK, you’re an animal! Yes, there we go. You’re a tiger! Very good. Loving it. Now you’re a lemur. Running as a pack. We go left. We go right. There’s a predator out of the jungle. What’s going on? Burrow! That’s right, you’re a lemur. That’s all you’ve got.

And I’m spent.

Black Ion Plated Honeycomb Diagonal Groove 316L Stainless Steel Ring

I'm available in sizes :
(8mm) 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

If you do not see these available sizes in stock, please contact your rep for an approximate date of availability.

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