Back Office Walkthru

How to join:
Visit your sponsor’s link. ( If you didn’t have a sponsor then just go to and follow these instructions:

There are THREE easy steps to becoming a rep: (Yes, two sign ups are required - one for the website and one for the back office.)

1. Register on this website and choose representative from the drop down menu 

2. Purchase the replicated website (You MUST be logged in to be able to add to cart and purchase.)

3. Register for the Back Office here or get your sponsor's direct link from them.
Approval for the back office is done manually, please allow up to 24 hours for this to occur.

Once your purchase is confirmed for the monthly website fee you will receive an approval for the back office and a welcome email. Follow the instructions given on how to proceed.

How to log in:

Go to and it will take you to the sign in page. Enter your email address and your password. If it’s your first time you may be prompted to set your password before you can continue.

You will now be in your new back office! Here you can change settings, update your profile and track all your sales and commissions.

How to change your payment method preferences:
Go to My Profile>Payment Details and select your preferences then click save. If you select PayPal then you must provide your PayPal account information on the line that will appear once you select PayPal.

How Request Payout works:
When you select your minimum payment option you are choosing the minimum amount before you can request a payout. Once you reach your minimum amount you can click on Request Payout and you will be paid on the following Thursday. Please remember that your commissions are not automatically paid on Thursdays, you must send a request so we know you have reached your desired payout amount!

Go to Reports>Payouts to Me

How to rename your website link:
Go to My Profile>Personal Details. We encourage you to use something other than the numerical digital code that your account was created with. Make it something memorable and easy for your customers to remember. We recommend using your first name if it’s available. (Activate fast if you want to be the first to use your name!)


How to send someone to directly sign up under you:
Click on Sign Up Sub-Affiliates and you will be able to copy and paste the direct link to sign them up. Alternatively you may direct them to the website and have them click JOIN TODAY(see step 1 at the top of this walkthru).

Description: how to find your link

Please remember: ALWAYS use your website link before doing anything online. This is to ensure it will always track to you. ALSO, if you are directing someone to the website to any other page other than the homepage then it will NOT track to you unless you give them your website link FIRST. So always give your URL link first then once they have clicked on that, whatever they do will track to you as long as you were the last rep link they used.

How do I send a link to someone of a particular product?
You simply add your affiliate param (your username URL that you chose for your link) to the end of the product link. VERY IMPORTANT, if you do not use your affiliate param then it won’t track to you. So always remember to use it when sending people any website links.