Oooh! Shiny Things Opportunity

Your Work, Your Way

When you sign up with Oooh! Shiny Things, you aren’t working for us. You’re creating your very own business opportunity. Work when you want, where you want, and with whomever you want!

You choose…

Your business hours. You can choose to work your business as a hobby or like a part time job, whatever suits your life’s needs.

Where you work. Host “Personal Shiny Appointments” (PSA's), attend vendor events, network while you’re on vacation, and sell online from the comfort of your home.

Your colleagues. Share the opportunity with others and have them work with you to earn team commissions.


Commissions and Discounts

Earn commissions of 35% on personal sales! Plus, you can earn an extra minimum 4% and 2% through team building. We also offer a unique bonus like no other company: a commission you can earn from the sales of your upline!

Affordable Products and Affordable Sales Tools

We believe that everyone deserves to have something shiny in their lives! Therefore, we offer retail products for exceptionally reasonable prices.

We know how costly it can be to start up your own business. Expenses can quickly pile up and become overwhelming. Wouldn’t you rather keep more of your earnings in your own pocket where they belong? We do. Our FAST SIGN UP gives you the ability to start your business immediately with virtually no waiting time. We also offer you the ability to keep your general expenses low with the option to print your own sales and marketing materials right from the comfort of your own home.

E-Commerce Store

Expand your sales opportunities with a personalized replicated Oooh! Shiny Things website. You can direct customers right to your link, where all purchases and representative sign ups will be tracked so you can be credited. Sales can be made with the click of a button; anytime, and anywhere.


Training and Resources

Oooh! Shiny Things understands that everyone has different levels of experience in direct sales. We are there to help you succeed. We provide you with ongoing support through local groups, social media groups, email, and training materials available to download from the website.