48 Hour Challenge Achievers

Brand new reps have a 48 Hour Challenge to complete. Achieve minimum $30 PRV within 48 hours of joining and you will get your name preserved on the achievers list here and receive a $5 reward code to spend on your next visit within 30 days!

*JUNE 14, 2018 was the start date of this program. 

Names of 48 Hour Challenge Achievers:

September 2021
Angela Burnell

April 2021
Anne Beaudry

November 2020
Christina Hartman

October 2019
Angele Lacriox

September 2019
Sheri  Chomenchuk

February 2019
Ashley Bennett
Kimberley Russell
Nicole Smith

June 2018
Nikki Roebuck
Nichole Dill
Ina Schlamp