Book a PSA Script from Draw Box names

Script for Personal Shiny Appointment (anything highlighted you will want to change to suit your info - also feel free to change any part of the script, but as long as you follow a script you will be able to talk on the phone better if you are able to read from a page, practice on a friend first if you need to!)

Hi …………………………,

This is …………………… from Oooh! Shiny Things calling, how are you doing tonight?



The reason I am calling is because you had entered a draw at the (name the place the draw was held), do you remember that?

You have won a Gift Certificate for $5 to spend however you like, either from the website or from my in-stock items, and I will hand deliver you this gift certificate or you can come to me, whichever you prefer! How does that sound?

Great! I am a pretty busy person but I do have some time this weekend and if you could spare a few minutes I can even show everything to you while I am there and you could pick something out right away.


(OPTIONAL  if they want to come to you instead) “I am holding a special event at <name of place> on <date and time>. I’m having guests come to see the entire selection and I’d love for you to join us! Anyone that you bring with you will also receive a $5 gift certificate to spend and I’ll have some extra prizes to be won between everyone who comes!


Would you prefer Saturday or Sunday? Always give them two choices. NEVER say that your schedule is wide open – you have to create a sense of urgency; “Book with me while I’m free!”)

Afternoon or Evening?

(choose 2pm or 3pm) or (choose 7pm or 8pm) BOOK THEM at a specific time!


Great! I even have a second offer for you if you like, TOTALLY optional – if you want to bring a friend to come and see our selection at the same time I will give your friend a $5 gift certificate to spend too, how does that sound?

Awesome, I will see you at (repeat time and date).


You just booked a PSA.


Now do it again. Fill one every hour (just in case you find someone who wants to look longer then you have time in between appointments). If you have 4 hours free at that time then you book 4 times!


PRO-TIP – Years ago I stopped going to other people’s houses to hold parties. I had them come to me! I created a “studio” in my living room and had enough room at a large table for 8 people (10-11 if needed even!) I double, triple and quadruple booked people so I had 2-3 groups of 2 or more people coming at the same time. That way if I had one no-show, I still had an appointment with several other people! If your place isn’t a good place then you can book a spot at a coffee shop (reserve a table) or find a small space to reserve like this in your community.


**OPTIONAL IDEA to get future bookings!!** AT THE PSA: I’m BRAND NEW at doing these things and I could really just use the practice! Could you help me by having a small get together to look at Shiny Things? Either online or in person (in person is obviously best because then everyone can try the jewelry on to make sure it fits and see how it really looks!)

Offer 25% off their entire order if they will hold a Shiny Party PLUS the host reward if it’s achieved AND an additional 5% per guest at their party that books a Shiny Party with them – but you ONLY have room for two bookings (so you can only possibly give the host up to 35% off and you lose nothing on her order but gain the other orders and more bookings)


**REMEMBER** AT THE PSA:  Get 5 referrals from each person!

I have an extra gift for you. I will give you another $5 gift certificate to spend with me if you can give me the name and number of 5 of your best friends and/or family. I will call them and tell them that YOU gave them this gift and they will love you for it! The only thing I ask is that you let them know ahead of time that I might be calling them to give them their gift.