Founding Rep FAQ's


Q. What happens if I don’t achieve this status, can I try for it next month?
A. No, this is a one-time achievable status for new reps only.

Q. What does the first full month mean? How long do I get to achieve this?
A. You have until the last day of the month AFTER you joined. Ex1: Signed up June 1st, you have until July 31st. Ex2: Signed up June 30th, you have until July 31st.

Q. Is this retail value of the products or the wholesale price?
A. Retail amount. To calculate your Personal Retail Volume, take the subtotal of your order and subtract any discounts. (Does not include shipping or taxes)

Q. How long do I have to spend my reward code?
A. 30 days just like all reward codes. If you don’t spend it before it expires we cannot issue another.

Q. What happens if I forget my reward code?
A. We cannot look up your reward code for you. You must save it in a place where you will not lose it. We suggest that you write it on paper, in a file on your desktop or in an email folder that is safe from being deleted.

Q. Is the amount in US dollars or Canadian dollars?
A. Everything is in Canadian dollars.