How do I sign up to be a rep?

Step 1. Go to and sign up there. Approval is done automatically and your account will be reviewed within 24 hours. Accounts that are declined will be notified and given the reason for being declined.

What happens after I’ve signed up as a rep?

1. Go check your email. You will receive a welcome email from [email protected] with your start up information.The first thing in this email is a link to click to SET YOUR PASSWORD for the back office. This is important. There is other important start up information to be found in this email. Please do not delete it before you have read the entire email.

2. You are able to log into your account and look around the website. Be sure to check out the Rep Store. 
Rep Store Insta-Link:

3. Go to your Back Office and set your preferences. It is all explained with photos in a walk-through on the website called Back Office Walkthru. 

4. Join the Facebook Training Group Oooh! Shiny Things Training, Tips and Support. Most of the downloadable content can be found in the files section of this group.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancellation is done manually by head office. To cancel please send an email to: [email protected] with a request to cancel your account permanently. Please allow up to 24 hours for head office to respond and cancel for you. We do appreciate any feedback to help us improve everyone's experience.

How long can I remain inactive until my account is terminated?

365 days. Every rep must have a minimum of ONE commissionable sale transaction on their account to be considered an active rep. If you go for longer than 365 days (12 months) without any commissionable sale transactions then your account will be reviewed. 2 weeks before the end of the inactivity period, you will be sent a reminder to become active. If no activity is recorded within the 2 week reminder and a total of 365 days have passed since you had any commissionable sales then your account will be terminated. Any product in the Rep Store and also products that have an ID Code that begins with OST is non-commissionable and is not tracked in the back office. Starter Kits are non-commissionable items. 2nd Tier Sales do not count (those are your commissions from your downline's sales and not considered your own sales). Remember that when you terminate you lose everything, including any team members you may have had. Once an account is deleted it is not retrievable.

How long after I terminate do I have to wait until I can join again?

You may join again with no waiting period. Just go to the website and sign up again! Keep in mind that you are now considered a brand new representative. You are able to restart all the challenges from the beginning including the 48 Hour Challenge and Founding Rep Title. Also you may choose a new upline at this time if you so desire, just contact the person you wish to sign up with and get their URL from them. When using the URL please delete all previous cookies or it will track to the last person's URL that you used.

What happens if I accidentally signed up under the wrong person?

Just drop us an email and we will straighten everything out for you! [email protected] 

Do I get any free product or printed information mailed to me with my signup?

No. You get a digital product - the Replicated Website (Back Office). This is the tool that you need to get your website link to share with everyone. It tracks all your sales when you use that link to shop from and your customers use that link to shop from. It also tracks your recruits and even tracks the clicks that have been made to your website and where the clicks came from. So you will get a better idea of where your advertising is working.

Are there any kits I can purchase to help me get started once I've signed up?

YES! We have some optional starter kits available to purchase that will help you get a better start on your business, are priced better than rep cost and includes FREE SHIPPING. You choose the level of start up you would like to do. The kits are available in the Rep Store. You may purchase more than one but keep in mind they do not count towards PRV, are non-commissionable and do not track in your back office. (For a limited time the Start Kit #2 and #3 will be manually tracked to count towards your Founding Rep Status!!)

How does my website URL work?

Please Note: You will not see your own website when you use your link - it simply SETS A COOKIE for tracking purposes. (A cookie is a small packet of information sent by a website host to your computer when you visit a website.) 

When you go to visit the website, you must ALWAYS use your personal link to ensure that the tracking will go to your link. It tracks through the use of cookies so if you use a different device or accidentally click on someone else's link you risk losing the tracking to your link. Sometimes your device will automatically delete older cookies.

If you want to send a link of a particular page to someone then all you need to do is add your affiliate param (#YourURL) to the end of the link that you are sending. (Eg. to send someone to the Best Dad Ever ring you will add your affiliate param to the end of the link just like this:


How does a customer order through me?

You give your customer your personal website link and they proceed with making a purchase just like usual. The back office will track the sale and your commission amount will show up in your back office account typically between 5-15 minutes later.

Please Note: You will receive one email for EACH ITEM purchased, not one email for the entire order. The reason for this is because not every item is commissionable (such as rep store items) and has to track differently, thus resulting in a single email for each item.

How do I set up a party on the website?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any application to track specific parties (like some websites where you assign a customer to a specific party and people can place orders for it) but you are able to place an entire order for your host and choose where the order gets shipped. We have 3 levels of REPEATING Host Rewards: Spend $99 and receive a randomly selected stainless steel pair of earrings. Spend $199 and receive a pair of OST mystery earrings. Spend $299 and receive an exclusive stainless steel necklace! All items will be automatically added to your cart once your subtotal reaches the goal amount. You receive each item for each level. (So with a $299 order you will receive all three items in your order!) These rewards repeat themselves at every $100 increment. So you will now get these rewards up to $999. If you require an order that is larger than $999 we will honour the repeating host rewards beyond the $999 amount. Please contact us if you are placing an order larger than $999 and we will accommodate you.



How do I make money?

Three ways!
1. From commissions from your downline’s commissionable sales.
2. From customers purchasing from the website using your personal website link in the comments.
3. By collecting orders from your customers in person.
Commissions for Reps: 35% of retail price
Ex:    $33 retail price = $21.45 wholesale price ($11.55 profit for rep) 
$39 retail price = $25.35 wholesale price ($13.65 profit for rep) 
$44 retail price = $28.60 wholesale price ($15.40 profit for rep)


What currency is used?

All prices are in Canadian Funds. All commissions and rewards are in Canadian Funds. When placing an order there is a link at the top of the checkout page so you can see what the current exchange rate is. Just know that if you are ordering from the US that you are typically saving approximately 25-30% from the exchange rate! (And you still make 35% commissions.)

How do I know how much my US order is going to actually cost me?

The exchange rate changes daily but you can always type in a search Currency Conversion Calculator and you can quickly find out what it should cost you for that day!


How do the taxes work?

*Applicable to Canada Only*
We will collect the appropriate Canadian federal and provincial sales taxes from Canadian Reps on the retail amount at the time of the order from the website and remit the appropriate amounts to the Canada Revenue Agency. You are then responsible for collecting appropriate federal and provincial sales taxes from the customers but do not have to remit to the government. You have already paid that tax to us and we've paid it to the government. So you get to keep it after collecting that from the customer.
Ex: In Manitoba you pay $4.29 in taxes on a stainless steel ring because its value is $33. Once you collect this amount back then you recover the full $11.55 profit from the sale. Sometimes reps may choose to give a “deal” to their customers of “no taxes”. This just means that the reps are not charging the tax amount back that they have already paid. Rest assured the government has gotten their share!

*Applicable to USA Only*
US representatives are responsible for submitting their own applicable state and federal taxes.


What if I forget to use my link when I order?

The back office will not track your order without you using your link. If you want your commissions from your purchase or a customer order, please ensure that your link is used before placing the order.


How do commissions get paid?

You choose which way you would like to be paid. It must be set up in your back office (Instructions are in the Back Office Walkthru Commissions will be paid out in two different ways every Thursday after you request a payout:
1. Paypal payment issued to the representative's PayPal account; or
2. A company gift certificate to spend online for any products of their choice (including Rep Store items). The gift certificate is a code usable at checkout and may be transferrable to another Representative or customer if the Representative wishes to gift it to someone else. The gift certificate does not expire until the entire amount is used up.


The Representative must sign up for a PayPal account in order to collect their commissions via PayPal.


What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Although it isn't required, it’s easiest to do OST business when you have a PayPal account. It’s free and easy to set up. Go to and choose a personal account. You will need to follow the sign up steps and link your bank account information. It will show you step by step how to do it. If you have problems signing up you can call PayPal Mon-Fri 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM PT and Sat-Sun 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM PT and they have great staff ready to help you. 1-877-569-1116.


How do I know if a sub-affiliate on my team has ordered?

You will get an email stating that you have a sub-affiliate sale. Unfortunately, at this time it doesn't know the name of the affiliate that made the sale. If you are curious about who purchased you can always send an email at [email protected] to inquire.

Compensation Plan Insta-Link:


How do I know if a customer has ordered through my personal website link?

You will get an email stating that you have a sale. Unfortunately, at this time it doesn't display the name of the customer made the purchase. If you are curious about who purchased you can always send an email at [email protected] to inquire. Also you should be able to check in your back office. Reports>Clicks will show you where the latest clicks have come from and you can look up the IP Address to see the area that the person is located.


What if I don’t have a credit card?

PayPal and the Credit Card Payment option at checkout also accepts Debit/Credit cards and you can also link your bank account through PayPal. Keep in mind when sending an eCheck through PayPal there is up to 11 days of waiting for it to process. Your order will not be shipped until the eCheck is cleared and OST gets the notification that it’s been cleared from PayPal.


Can I create a Facebook Page or Group and sell on there?

Yes! We encourage social media sales! Social media sites are gaining popularity and, in fact, Facebook is how we got Oooh! Shiny Things going to begin with! When creating a page or group if you are going to use the Company Name in the title you must name it “Oooh! Shiny Things by (your name)” or "Oooh! Shiny Things with (your name)” or "(your names)’s Oooh! Shiny Things", for example. This is to ensure that no one will mistake your page for the actual corporate page. You may also use the initials OST instead of spelling out the whole company name. *Please note - if you misspell the company's name you will be asked to correct it. Remember, you are representing us and spelling, grammar and punctuation are very important.

When advertising and posting on Facebook and other social media try to use our company name properly, 3 O’s and the exclamation mark after Oooh! Uppercase letters for each word in the name please. I like to keep us looking professional. You may shorten the name to OST when talking about us after you initially use the proper full name. Thank you.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship via Canada Post as it is the most inexpensive way to ship parcels. The parcels are charged according to size and weight. It is often best to ship more than one item at a time, you can fit A LOT of rings in a package before the price increases. Prices for Canada Post tracked shipping is approx $13-19.

We have an XpressPost prepaid package option available for certain provinces in Canada. BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario are eligible for this shipping option. When you are checking out, if your province is eligible then the option will appear for you. The cost is a flat rate of $13.

* A new option, that is being used on a trial basis, is a $2.15 for Canada Econo-Ship and $7.50 USA Econo-ship option for anyone who wants to ship ONE ITEM and is willing to risk sending their package with no insurance and no tracking number. The item must be 8mm or less in width or band size (refer to item description for dimensions) as Canada Post will allow an oversize envelope without charging parcel prices. There are several products on the website that are not eligible for the Econo-shipping method as the dimensions do not fit into the maximum package dimensions. 

There is now a $9 Multi-item Econo Ship option to the USA. This will hold several items, up to 300 grams, (approx 15 rings). PLEASE NOTE: you ship with this option at your own risk. Once the package leaves our facility it is now in the hands of Canada Post. We are not responsible for any loss, theft or undelivered packages. If this trial run for this option is successful it will become part of the shipping options permanently. Please note, this is NOT A RECOMMENDED WAY TO SHIP, especially if you try to order several items in your econo-ship. If you lose $200 worth of product, wouldn't it have been worth the extra couple of dollars to have tracking and insurance?


How long does it take to get my order?

We ship packages once a week. The shipping day is on Wednesdays. In order to ensure your package gets processed in time, you must complete your order by Tuesday before noon (Central Standard Time). After your package is taken to the post office it takes one day for it to arrive to the nearest sorting facility. From there it may take anywhere from 1-7 business days, according to Canada Post delivery standards on insured and tracked parcels. Expect longer for USA destinations, typically it may take up to a week longer.

Econo-shipping typically takes longer and there is no estimated time of arrival available and has no tracking or insurance available if something goes wrong with the package during transit or never arrives at its destination. Use this shipping method AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any loss, theft or undelivered packages. It is recommended to use the expedited Canada Post shipping method.

Can I create my own graphic ads to post?

Yes, as long as you send a proof to [email protected] to get approval first. You are representing our business and our reputation is your reputation. We prefer to show good spelling, grammar and punctuation! Please include your personal website link if you are adding a website to your advertisement to ensure customers visit your link. Visual presentation is important too, for example if your type is illegible on a busy background you will be asked to change it to be more visually pleasing.

What if I can't find the answer to my questions on the website?

We have OST Rep Trainers available between the hours of 9am and 10pm to answer your questions. The best way to get a hold of them is in the Training Group on Facebook.
Lori Shirley from Wawanesa, MB
Stacie Sokolovic from Brandon, MB

April White from London, ON

Colleen Kinniburgh from Taber, AB
Nikki Roebuck from Fraser Lake, BC
Ali McCrea from Amherstview, ON