Lori Shirley - Rep Trainer

Name: Lori Shirley


Title: Rep Trainer, Founding Rep, Senior Team Leader


Where do you live: Wawanesa Manitoba


Joined OST: June of 2016


Why did you join OST: My daughter loves shiny things, I honestly joined to get a personal discount to buy her some things. I've never done any home business before OST so I truly had no expectations and no idea where it would lead. I'm definitely happy I decided to join and sometimes astounded at how far I've come!


Family: I'm a single Mom of a joyous and loving 11 year old daughter ??


Pets: We have 2 playful rats and a secretive hedgehog


Favorite product: Nyssa's Pink Pirouette. (As it's named after my daughter and her love of dance)


Job: Assistant Manager at a National Telefundraising firm

How long at your job: About 10 years on and off since 1998


Hobbies (What do you do in your spare time): Markets, sleep, hang out with my lady, knitting, dancing


Funniest/most memorable OST moment: I'm not really sure. So many amazing things have come to pass in the past year. I've had some great times with many of the wonderful people in this company. I know there will be so many more amazing things to come.


What drives your passion for OST: I love the products and i love the family atmosphere within the business.


Favorite Quote (Jewelry related?): Jewelry is like ice cream, there's always room for more!


Favorite Color: Purple


Goal for this year: Live, love, laugh.


What’s a typical day like for you: 14 hours of work half the week and markets the other half.


What are your best skills that you bring to your OST job? My hilarious personality... well I think I'm funny LOL


What would be your personal motto? Don't waste time dwelling in the past, it's already gone and you can't change it. Don't stress about the future, it hasn't happened yet and you can't stop it from coming. Focus your energy on the here and now; see the best of every moment life gives you.