Membership Program


• 1 year membership is $5 plus applicable taxes and can be purchased here

• Within 2 business days you will be emailed a personalized discount code that gives you a 20% discount to use on the website on applicable products.

• Referral Program: You will also receive a personalized discount code that you may give to your customers/friends to give 10% off their purchase. This 10% is a gift from your commission amount. The use of this code will help us keep track of who to send the 10% to. For example – your commission is 20% and if you give a 10% code to a friend to order they will get 10% off their order and 10% of the subtotal will be given to you as your commission payout.

• Commissions will be paid via EMT to the email that you signed up with within 2 business days of the order payment being completed. If you require a different email or a PayPal payment then just make a note in the comments in your order or contact us.

• Some items on the website are not discountable and will be stated in the description.

• Your discount will not be eligible for any other promotions or discounts. So if there is a sale on the website you might have to decide if your discount code is a better deal than the sale item.