OMG How Do I Deal With Shipping?


Unfortunately we just don’t have any inexpensive parcel shipping options in Canada. Actually, we only charge what Canada Post charges, no handling fees or other hidden fees.

Option #1 - Expedited Shipping.  The website estimates the weight of the package and calculates it accordingly. Canada Post has the best rates (at least half the price of other places in Canada) and has the best service. The further away from Head Office, the more it costs (usually just by a bit though). You can expect to pay anywhere from $13-20 for shipping. (Express post will be a bit more, of course). With this shipping you get a tracking number, insurance up to $100 and you can ship larger items that do not fit into the Econo-Ship package (econo-ship items must be less than 2cm in width).

Here is the best part. You can ship 1 ring for that amount or approximately 37 rings! We tested the shipping amount on a cart with some regular stainless steel rings to an Alberta Postal Code. Once we hit 38 rings the shipping increased $3. I added 20 more rings and it increased 50 cents. The best way to use shipping is to try to bulk order and then it costs barely anything per item to ship.

Option #2 - Econo-Ship. You also have the option to send it using the Econo-Ship. We understand that sometimes you just want one item and even I wouldn’t want to pay $13-19 for ONE item. If your item is less than 2cm in width then you can send it for Canada Post’s lowest shipping price with NO tracking and NO insurance. Canada is $4 and USA is $4. 

Option#3 - Xpresspost Pre-paid Envelope. BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario have an Xpresspost option added to the website's shipping options. This is a flat rate of $13 and is a faster shipping option than Expedited and Econo-Ship.  **Items MUST be less than 2cm in width and total weight less than 100 grams, otherwise additional charges may apply**

So to sum it all up, if shipping seems to be breaking you, order in bulk with Expedited or use Econo ship for smaller orders. A note to the US reps and customers: the US Exchange rate is a REALLY great deal for our American brothers and sisters right now (as of March 2020). You are actually getting your whole order for a lot less. For example the “Exchange rate” savings on an $80 order is more than what that shipping even costs!