OST Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

Wholesale Discount for Reps: 35%

Ex:          $33 retail price = $21.45 wholesale price ($11.55 profit for rep)
                $39 retail price = $25.35 wholesale price ($13.65 profit for rep)
                $44 retail price = $28.60 wholesale price ($15.40 profit for rep)

Downline Commissions are paid for up to 2 lines of recruits. $0.00 in sales is required in order to receive commissions.  There are no limits to the number of recruits you have in each line.

Representative’s Base Commissions :
4% commissions on their 1st line’s commissionable wholesale volume sales,
2% commissions on their 2nd line commissionable wholesale volume sales,
1% commissions on their upline’s commissionable wholesale volume - eligible with min $150/month in cumulative PRV sales. (Upline Commission Program Ending June 30, 2018)
See Career Path for higher level commission structure.

Upline Commissions are a 1% bonus for your upline’s wholesale volume sales and are available when the rep meets the monthly requirement of $150 in cumulative (accumulated orders) PRV sales each month. Upline commissions are only available for the rep’s top 3 eligible recruited members. Note: if you have no upline then any upline commissions earned will come from the representative’s own sales.

Activity Requirements:
You (or a customer using your URL) must purchase minimum one commissionable item once every 12 months (365 days) to be considered an active member. (Starter kits and rep store items are non-commissionable.)

If you do not have one commissionable sale once every 12 months (365 days) then you are not considered an active rep. You will have 2 weeks to reactivate your account. When a Representative does not meet the activity requirements they are considered deactivated (terminated) and your account will be deleted. Thus losing your Representative privileges of commissions, titles and any recruits. If you become deactivated and want to become an OST Representative again, you may sign up for the back office again. No waiting period is required to rejoin. Please note that if you decide to rejoin, you start over as a brand new rep with no downline and all new rep challenges such as a fast-start incentive program.

Payment of Commissions:
Commissions will be paid out in two different ways:
1. Paypal payment issued to the email address on the Representative’s account for their PayPal account; or
2. A commission gift certificate to spend online for any products of their choice (including Representative Store items). The gift certificate is a code usable at checkout and may be transferrable to another Representative or customer if the Representative wishes to gift it to someone else.

The Representative must sign up for a PayPal account in order to collect their commissions via PayPal.

Commissions are calculated in your back office. You may choose your payment method and payout amount in your back office settings. You may set your payout to $10, $50, $100, $150 or $200. Once you reach that amount in your back office you may request a payout and you will receive your payment on the following Thursday. Payouts are not done automatically, you must request the payout before 10:00pm Wednesday evening Central Standard Time.


Activity – A purchase made using the rep's URL from the company website.
Commissions – Percentages paid to the rep for the total commissionable wholesale volume of their 1st and 2nd line recruits.
Upline Commission – Each person who has a minimum of $150 PRV in a calendar month and are in the top 3 PRV positions of their upline’s team for that month will earn a 1% bonus commission on their upline’s wholesale volume amount. Just an extra bonus from Oooh! Shiny Things to say thank you for being a Representative!
Upline – the sponsor
Wholesale Volume – the amount in dollars purchased at wholesale price (Retail subtotal minus 35%). Does not include rep store items.
Commissionable Wholesale Volume– the amount in dollars purchased at wholesale price that is considered a commissionable item. (Rep store items are non-commissionable, have no additional discounts and are priced as is.)
Cumulative – an accumulation of orders per month for upline commissions eligibility.