Over 100 Ways to Get Bookings/New Customers/Sales

130 Ways To Get Bookings/Customers

Take ONE IDEA from this list and DO IT TODAY! Implement a new one or two each week in a strategic action plan.


1. Send a catalogue or brochure to a co-worker that has moved.

2. Take a catalogue or brochure to your trade show events.

3. Put a catalogue or brochure in the teacher’s lounge at your child's school.

4. Post a catalogue or brochure in the employee lunch room.

5. Hold an Open House.

6. Have a booth at a school fair.

7. Advertise in your Alumni newsletter and or local newspaper.

8. Give a catalogue or brochure or business card to the receptionist at your doctor's or dentist's office.

9. Include a business card or flyer with your bill payments.

10. Call past hostesses.

11. Put current catalogue/brochure in your neighbors door. Include a 10% off coupon.

12. Ask friends to have a Bling Night with their friends.

13. Advertise in your church bulletin.

14. Take a recipe card to every potluck, attach your business card to the back of it.

15. Host an office party or brunch.

16. Host a show before or during a PTA meeting.

17. Mail out samples, flyers and  a wish list.

18. Host your own show. Could even be a fund raiser for your favorite charity.

19.  Sign up with Welcome Wagon, there are new moms and new residents that may be looking for ways to earn extra money.

20. Set up a display at a craft fair.

21. Participate in a school fund raiser.

22. Have your Husband or significant other promote the products at work.

23. Have you and your family members wear at shirt or sweatshirt promoting your product. (Can be made from Vista Print or other places with the use of the company Logo and permission from [email protected] .)

24. Hold a Christmas shopping show for men.

25. Offer a Christmas wish list to your guest and then call the gift giver.

26. Set up a display at a mall.

27. Put an “Ask Me” button on your purse or coat.

28. Ask past hostesses at shows to talk about their free products.

29. Hold an opportunity night.

30. Change your voicemail message to say that you are an Independent Representative for Oooh! Shiny Things

31. Mention Hostess benefits at least three times per show.

32. Hold up higher price products and mention host reward benefits to encourage bookings.

33. Mention how much your average hostess gets in products.

34. At the beginning of your show mention the hostess goal.

35. Share upcoming specials at shows and during phone calls.

36. Tell your hostess how much she saved by having a show.

37. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan shows.

38. Encourage Hostesses to rebook a show in 6-9 months. She'll be the first to see and try new products.

39. Treat Hostesses to a special Hostess appreciation tea.

40. Encourage relatives to book a show.

41. Call your realtor with suggestions for new home packages or coupons to give to new home owners.

42. Put up a flyer at your local grocery store.

43. Start an email address book of customers who want to know what the monthly/weekly specials are, Don't forget to mention the hostess specials. You may even add your own deals to the host reward program if you like.

44. Encourage your hostesses and guests to refer potential hostesses to you.

45. Offer a bridal registry.

46. Promote at bridal shows.

47. Describe and highlight the hostess plan during shows.

48. Be friendly and enthusiastic.

49. Follow through on every booking lead.

50. Ask, Ask, Ask – never be afraid to ask anyone for a booking, the worst they can do is say no. If they say no, then you just ask the next person. It’s nothing personal against you.

51. Use open ended questions, especially when dealing with bookings.

52. Use your products and at home, office, camping, parties, etc. Be a walking advertisement.

53. Read sales, self-improvement, and positive thinking books.

54. Call at least two potential hostesses every night.

55. Dream and imagine the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG!

56. Set goals and review them constantly, post them where you can see them.

57. Ask friends to help you get started or reach a certain goal.

58. Use hostess flyers.

59. Use postcards and or newsletters to continue to spark interest.

60. Follow up phone calls to particularly interested guests. They may decide later to have a show.

61. Have the hostess tell why she decided to have a show.

62. Give products as gifts or donations.

63. Don't be shy talking about your products or business.

64. Smile when talking on the phone, people can actually tell and it makes you feel happier!

65. Review orders from the past shows--who have bought frequently, etc.

66. Be prepared to answer questions about your work.

67. Write down names of people who owe you a favor and then follow up.

68. Call the most familiar people first.

69. Call potential hostesses who postponed or never booked.

70. Spend time every day working on some aspect of your business.

71. Be willing to share the business opportunity.

72. Call anyone who has said maybe or sometime.

73. Contact schools.

74. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses.

75. Talk about upcoming specials with everyone.

76. Keep a list of special requests and let those guest know when that product is on sale or available.

77. Suggest hosting a show to do Christmas shopping without leaving home.

78. Offer a bonus for hostesses who book on days or months you need and extra show.

79. Give extra service and time to good customers-they will be repeat hostesses and potential consultants.

80. Carry a note pad to jot down names as you think of them.

81. Let guests keep a catalogue or sales brochure to keep on hand or pass around work.

82. Love what you do! Smile!

83. Create a Facebook page or group.

84. Host an online event on Facebook.

85. Host a free Bingo Night and have coupons for prizes, show off  the product and take orders at the end. Extra prizes when you order or purchase.


86. Give a business card to your cashier.


87. Leave a business card on the table when dining out.


88. Carry a little tray or container with product in it and show them to people when you are out and about.


89. Have a customer take a catalogue and collect 5 orders, give her a free item when the 5 orders are collected. (This is a potential rep!)


90. Have a friend or customer collect 5 bookings for you. Offer her free product for doing it! (This is a potential rep!)


91. Provide a bi-monthly or monthly informative newsletter that brings value to your customers and contacts.


92. Have a “Practice Show” and invite everyone you know and meet for 3 weeks before the show (get follow up numbers).


93. Network with other vendors at trade shows. (trade business cards and chat with them)


94. Start our own YouTube Channel!


95. Leave cards and talk about your business to your salon gals, change hair, nail and spa salons every time you go.


96. Conduct “It’s Customer Service Week” calls to past customers to follow up. Just a quick call to see how they are doing, do they still love their product and do they want to see any new products.


97. Conduct one-on-one appointments if a whole party cannot be arranged. Take an on-the go basket or tray to have a quick coffee with a customer and show them the products. (remember seeing the rings in person is MUCH better than online or in a book.)


98.Hold a Transition Party when the Catalogue changes with new products in it. Have the new produtcts on hand to demo.


99. Start a campaign to offer yourself has a bridal shower organizer/presenter. Make a bridal themed party for them all. Stop in at bridal shops to ask them if you can be their go-to person for bridal shower events.


100. Ask Bridal shops if you can leave a catalogue with business cards and maybe even a display on consignment.


101. Join a Chamber of Commerce and take advantage of all the membership benefits.


102. Strike up conversations with people in line-up at the grocery store.


103. Visit Chamber of Commerce networking events as a guest.


104. Join network marketing  support groups or attend as a guest.


105. Set up a table on neighbourhood yard sale days.


106. Hold your own yard sale and display your product.


107. Bring cookies… you always get what you want when you bring cookies! (wrap a cookie or candy package with your business card and booking incentive or host reward info.)


108. Ask for referrals for/from other companies or service providers.


109. Host a party with another friend who does another direct sales business. Call it a Double Double!


110. Hold tailgate parties at sporting events.


111. Give out gift cards and contact info on Halloween Candy when passing out treats this year.


112. Include your business contact info on the back of your holiday cards.


113. Run a weekly/monthly/quarterly prize drawing and invite people you meet out and about to join


114. Carry little gift bags everywhere you go hand out (always get contact info when you give a gift).


115. Trade services/referrals with other direct sales consultant in non-competitive companies by handing out each others’ brochures/cards/catalogues.


116. Advertise in local classified sites, alumni newsletters, football or music programs.


117. Wish 2 people happy birthday every day in social media sites using birthday coupons & include bookings upsells.


118. Contact past purchasers about appropriate upcoming specials based on their past purchase.


119. Have custom notepads made with your business info on it.


120. Leave a stack of flyers in apartment building lobbies.


121. Hold a customer appreciation event, serve snacks and offer deals.


122. Join www.meetup.com  groups in your business niche or hobbies


123.Brand your car with a magnet or decal and be a roving advertisement!


124. Create tear off poster campaign to hang in “Ladies’ Night” locations such as bars or restaurants.


125. Place a window decal on your front door.


126. Get FREE leads from the court house, access public records of new home sales.


127. Make “thank you for coming” follow up calls within 2 days of every show. 20% will book a party.


128. Hang door knob promotions on all the doors in a new neighbourhood.


129. Donate bookmarks to libraries, clubs or groups with your message/contact info on one side and their message/contact info on the other side.


130. Invest in promotional pens and hand out to special people and use for booking incentives.