Patrick Deschamps - Vice President

Name: Patrick Deschamps


Title: Vice President


Where do you live: Brandon MB


Joined OST: Since the beginning


Why did you join OST: To support my wife


Family: Zelda Kinniburgh is my wife and my daughters are Olivia and Victoria


Pets: None


Favorite product: The Mystic tungsten ring


Job: OST

How long at your job: Since the beginning


Hobbies (What do you do in your spare time): Spend time with my girls, video games, fishing


Funniest/most memorable OST moment: When people first see our jewelry and say, “Oooh! Shiny!”


What drives your passion for OST: To see others succeed.


Favorite Quote (Jewelry related?): There is no such thing as a jewelry emergency at 3am


Favorite Color: Green


Goal for this year: To get over 1,000 reps with OST


What’s a typical day like for you: Check emails, sign ups, Facebook help chat, Training Group, talk to rep trainers, brainstorm new ideas


What would be your personal motto? Love many trust few, always paddle your own canoe. #shiny