An Important Message Regarding COVID-19 April 15, 2020


As you may know, Oooh! Shiny Things is located in a remote location in Northwestern Ontario. Tucked nice and cozy beside a large lake about an hour from the nearest tiny town of Ignace. We are isolated and are overly cautious when it comes to handling products and shipping it out to you.


YES! We are still open for business and you should be too. Shipping will happen on Wednesdays as scheduled, but there may be delays as the situation in the world seems to change daily. We will keep a close eye on things daily. I recommend that you do not conduct any direct sales at this crucial time. Please refrain from attending markets or events or holding personal appointments for people to view your catalogues and jewelry collections. Do not make close contact with anyone who does not live in your own home. Please obey the social distancing rule of minimum 6 feet away for the sake of yourself, your loved ones and your community. Alternatively you should conduct sales online, on social media and/or email etc. Use your URL for customers to shop from and leave the rest to us.


For your peace of mind: All jewelry was packaged several months before the outbreak occurred and any new jewelry that comes in will be quarantined a full 5 days beyond what is recommended before being handled and packaged by us. Canada Post is our shipping service and they are extremely diligent about sanitizing and keeping their facility very clean and healthy for the public. I do recommend that once you receive your package in the mail to leave it sit in the direct sunlight for a few hours to kill any potential viruses. Alternatively you can wipe it down with sanitizer. You never know who was handling your package after we shipped it out.


Thank you for being awesome and please stay safe out there!


Sincerely yours,

Zelda Kinniburgh
Owner/Founder of Oooh! Shiny Things

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Oooh! Shiny Things understands that everyone has different levels of experience in direct sales. We are there to help you succeed. We provide you with ongoing support through local groups, social media groups, email, and training materials available to download from the website.