Stacie Sokolovic - Rep Trainer

Name: Stacie Sokolovic

Title: Senior Team Leader, Founding Rep, and company rep trainer

Where do you live: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Joined OST: May 15th, 2016

Why did you join OST: I joined OST because a friend of mine (Adelle) wanted me to go to a tradeshow with her. I had never had a direct sales business before, but it was free, so why not? It didn't turn out to be a very good tradeshow, but I ended up loving the company and the jewelry.

Family: I have been married to my husband, Andrew, since 2011. We have 2 boys, Eric and Ethan.

Pets: A dog (Gizmo), 2 birds (Bee and Crabby) and a fish (Seagull).

Favorite product: Ilena’s Victorian Heart stainless steel ring

Job: Teacher/Substitute Teacher

How long at your job: I graduated from the Education department at Brandon University in 2011. I have been working as a substitute teacher and teacher since then.

(What do you do in your spare time): Reading, camping, spending time outdoors with my family.

Funniest/most memorable OST moment: Moving up 2 levels on the OST career path in one day! I became a Senior Representative and Team Leader within a few hours on the same day.

What drives your passion for OST: I love being a part of a new company. It is so exciting to see it grow every day and know that I've been a part of it since the beginning. One of the main reason I am passionate about OST is because I love the jewelry. I have an allergy to nickel, so it is great that I can wear OST jewelry without any problems. And I love being able to help other people with metal allergies find jewelry they can wear as well.

Favorite Quote (Jewelry Related): “Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique”

Favorite Color: Purple

Goal for this year: My goal for this year is to continue learning different ways to grow my business and to pass this knowledge on to my team members to help them be successful as well.

What’s a typical day like for you: During the summer, I am a stay at home mom. I spend my days cleaning my house and playing with my kids. I try to squeeze in a bit of time for OST here and there throughout the day. The rest of the year, I work full time. My evenings are spent with my family, but I still try to make time for OST (even if it's only during my lunch break).

What are your best skills that you bring to your OST job? I love to talk to people, answer questions, and help them build their businesses. I don't have a lot of experience with direct sales yet, but I am always trying to learn and grow every day.

What would be your personal motto?

Life's a dance, you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.