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    Vendor Checklist


     Vendor Checklist



    ___ Make sure you're clear on what you're expected to contribute to the event. Are you required to give out samples? Decide what your samples will be (coupons are often acceptable). Do you need certain signage? Do you have to be present at your booth for the entire event? NEVER leave early, it’s very bad form. Can you bring along an assistant or colleague?

    ___ Set your main goal for the event. You may want to get sales, to network with other vendors and customers, set up appointments, talk about the opportunity, acquire names and numbers/info for follow up, etc. 

    ___ Be aware of the logistics of the event like the address of the event, size and location of your booth, parking, set-up time and tear down times, what is being provided for you (table, table cloth, a chair, power), etc.

    ___ Invite colleagues, current clients, prospects (and friends and family when appropriate) to attend the event, often events will have a Facebook page or event to join. Invite everyone and speak to them directly to create awareness of the event. Never expect the Event Coordinator to be able to bring the world to you.

    ___ Announce your participation on social media before, during and after – use creative photographs of your table with customers browsing.

    ___ Promote the event in your newsletter and on social media

    ___ Do some research on other vendors and sponsors participating. Reach out to them and tell them you're looking forward to meeting them

    ___ Prepare a handout or goodie bag with your business card to give to your fellow vendors at the event

    ___ Plan your outfit. You want to look professional, industry-appropriate and approachable. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

    ___ Prepare and pack up your booth contents ahead of time. Not the night before!

    ___ tablecloth and decor

    ___ your conversation piece

    ___ signage/banner etc

    ___ giveaways, freebies and/or flyers to hand out

    ___ business cards, make sure you have way more than you think you will ever need. EVERYONE you talk to gets one!

    ___ candy for your table, chocolate is even better ;)

    ___ your draw tickets and sign

    ___ notepad to write down all notes as needed (notes about customers, product requests, potential customer info, etc)

    ___ products or samples

    ___ water and a snack

    ___ your calendar

    ___ pens
    ___ Mat or carpet piece to stand on, your feet will thank you!
    ___ Charger for your phone
    ___ Square or other mobile payment device
    ___ Float for cash and carry




    ___ set up to encourage interaction

    ___ remember to stand up for every customer

    ___ tell people about your draw and any incentives you're promoting

    ___ gather as many names, emails and phone numbers as possible

    ___ always talk to and get to know your fellow vendors

    ___ be friendly and approachable. Talk to people!

    ___ make sure to keep your goal in mind, whether it's to give out information, sell products or set appointments

    ___ eat your snack and drink your water (you won’t believe how often this can be forgotten!)

    ___ take pictures of your booth and yourself to share (and to remember how you set up)
    ___ vendor next to a friend or bring one with you, you will require a bio break depending on how long your event is
    ___ remember to stay off your phone unless you are using the calculator, checking your calendar or using your mobile payment app



    ___ follow up with the people you met

    ___ follow up with the vendors you connected with

    ___ thank any colleagues, friends or family who attended

    ___ unpack and repack your booth supplies to be ready for next time